Setting Up Turabian Style In Microsoft Word 2003

Adjusting Margins   Page Numbering   Word Templates

Adjusting Margins

1.  Click on the File button at the top of the screen.

2.  Click on the Page Setup option.
    --If Page Setup cannot be found, you may have to first click on the arrow at the bottom of the list to show the full options list.
    Page Setup

3.  Adjust Margins to desired size.
    Margins Before

    Margins After

Page Numbering

1.  Click on the Insert button at the top of the screen.

2.  Click on the Page Numbers option.
    Page Numbers

3.  Under Position, select Top of page (Header).

4.  Under Alignment, select Right.

5.  Uncheck Show number on first page selection.

6.  Click OK.
    Page Numbers OK

7.  Click the View button at the top of the screen.

8.  Click the Header and Footer option.
    Header and Footer

9.  Put insertion point in First Page Footer.
    First Page Footer

10.  Click Center option on toolbar.
    First Page Footer Center

11.  Insert page number "1"
    Page Number 1

MS Word Templates for Turabian

Cover Sheet Template

Full Document Template (Updated to 7th Edition): Times Roman; Courier New; Dark Courier (a better courier font: available from HP)

Citing an Article in an Anthology in Turabian

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