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Ecclesiastes 5-8

  1. When should a person pay a vow he makes to God?

  2. What will not satisfy a person who loves money?

  3. What three things can a person do that the Preacher saw to be good in chapter 5?

  4. What things can a person lack in his life that would cause the wise man to say that an untimely birth is better than he?

  5. What is better than precious ointment?

  6. What is better than laughter?

  7. What kind of person does the Preacher say is not on earth?

  8. What does the Preacher say not to pay attention to? Why?

  9. How many men among a thousand had the Preacher found?

  10. What is it that no person has power or authority over?

  11. Why are the hearts of the sons of men fully set to do evil?

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