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Ecclesiastes 9-12

  1. What does the Preacher say that the dead know? What emotions have they lost?

  2. With whom does the Preacher say that one should enjoy life?

  3. In what way should people do whatever their hands find to do?

  4. What happens to men so that the swift, the strong, the wise, the intelligent, and the skillful do not always win?

  5. What causes the roof to sink in and the house to leak?

  6. Where should one cast his bread? When will he find it?

  7. In how many different things should one invest his work to make sure that he receives a reward?

  8. What will observing the wind and clouds keep one from doing?

  9. When should one remember his Creator?

  10. What does the Preacher say much study is?

  11. What does the Preacher say is the whole duty of man?

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