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Job 11-15

  1. What did Zophar say that God had done because Job's sin was so great?

  2. Zophar said that the deep things of God were higher than what and deeper than what?

  3. What did Job say would die when his friends died?

  4. What had Job become to his friends that caused him grief?

  5. With whom did Job want to argue his case?

  6. What kind of proverbs did Job call his friends' maxims?

  7. Job thought that God was punishing him for his sins that were committed when?

  8. How does Job characterize man that is born of woman?

  9. How much older does Eliphaz say that those with him are than Job?

  10. In whom does Eliphaz say that God does not even put trust?

  11. In what does Eliphaz say that a man deceives himself if he trusts, and what will be his repayment for this?

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