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Job 22-28

  1. Whom did Eliphaz say that a man's righteousness did not benefit?

  2. List at least two sins that Eliphaz says that Job had committed.

  3. What does Eliphaz say that God does to the proud and to the lowly or humble?

  4. What did Job want to do before God?

  5. What does Job say is the reaction of God to the prayer of the dying and wounded?

  6. Which what two creatures does Bildad compare man?

  7. What two places that man cannot see did Job say that God sees?

  8. What does Job say that indicates that he had a clear conscience?

  9. What does Job say is hidden that man can find? What is hidden that man cannot find?

  10. Beyond what value does Job say that wisdom is?

  11. What does Job say is wisdom and understanding?

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