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Job 34-42

  1. What does Elihu accuse Job of saying that is of no profit?

  2. What does Elihu say would happen if God should take back His Spirit?

  3. What does Elihu say that Job does not have when he multiplies words?

  4. On whose behalf does Elihu say that he is speaking?

  5. What does Elihu say that God scatters around Him?

  6. What three possible reasons does Elihu give for God causing the weather to happen?

  7. What does Elihu say that God is perfect in?

  8. What question did God ask when He began to question Job?

  9. Who sang and who shouted for joy when God laid the foundations of the earth?

  10. What eight animals does God say that Job does not understand?

  11. What did God call Job when He began to question him a second time?

  12. What two unidentified animals does God say have no equal?

  13. What statement by Job would indicate that he knew he was not sinless?

  14. Why did God want Job's friends to offer a sacrifice and have Job pray for them?

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