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Job 6-10

  1. What did Job ask his friends to teach him and make him understand?

  2. What did Job say that his days were swifter than?

  3. With what did God scare Job when he lay down on his bed?

  4. Why did Bildad suggest that Job's children had died?

  5. To whom did Bildad say that one should go for wisdom?

  6. Bildad says that a godless man's trust is a flimsy as the house of what animal?

  7. What question does Job begin his answer to Bildad with that applies even to Christians today?

  8. What constellations does Job say that God made?

  9. What two words does Job use to describe his state of guilt?

  10. What does Job complain would be the problem if he were to take God to a court of law?

  11. When did Job wish that he had died?

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