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Proverbs 1-9

  1. What does Solomon say is the beginning of knowledge?

  2. To whom does Solomon say that one should listen? To whom should one not listen?

  3. What does Solomon warn that the adventuress/adulteress forsakes/leaves and forgets/ignores?

  4. On what should one not rely or lean? What should he trust?

  5. Why should one not despise the Lord's discipline?

  6. Where does the wise man advise the young man to drink water from? In whom should he rejoice?

  7. What small animal shows wisdom in the way she works?

  8. What are the seven sins which are an abomination to God?

  9. What action is like an ox going to the slaughter?

  10. What does Solomon say was the first thing that God created?

  11. What is the result of teaching a wise man or a righteous man?

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