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Proverbs 10-15

  1. What does love cover? (chap. 10)

  2. What generally makes for a longer life? (chap. 10)

  3. What is a beautiful woman without discretion like? (chap. 11)

  4. What substance does one get more of by giving it away? (chap. 11)

  5. Who ignores or overlooks an insult? (chap. 12)

  6. How does one increase wealth to make it last? (chap. 13)

  7. What attitude does one who fails to discipline his children have? (chap. 13)

  8. What is the end result of a certain way that seems right to a man? (chap. 14)

  9. What is a way that a person may insult his Maker? (chap. 14)

  10. How should one speak to a person who is angry? (chap. 15)

  11. What are two things that are abominations to the Lord? What is one thing that is a delight to Him? (chap. 15)

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