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Proverbs 16-21

  1. How does one establish his plans? (chap. 16)

  2. What goes before destruction and a fall? (chap. 16)

  3. What do people think about a fool who keeps silent? (chap. 17)

  4. What does a fool not take pleasure in? What does he take pleasure in? (chap. 18)

  5. How close does a good friend stay? (chap. 18)

  6. Where does a prudent wife come from? (chap. 19)

  7. Although a man may make many plans, what will be established? (chap. 19)

  8. What is a mocker and what leads to brawling? (chap. 20)

  9. How does bread gained by deceit initially taste to a person? How does it taste later? (chap. 20)

  10. What is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice? (chap. 21)

  11. What is better than living with a contentious woman? (two answers--both chap. 21)

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