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Psalms 11-26

  1. In the eleventh Psalm, to what do some suggest one should flee as a bird instead of relying on the LORD?

  2. In the fourteenth Psalm, what does the fool say in his heart?

  3. Who does the psalmist say does good in the fourteenth Psalm?

  4. What in the sixteenth Psalm indicates that one would rise from the dead? (hint: it gets quoted by Peter)

  5. In the nineteenth Psalm, what tells the glory of God and what proclaims the work of His hands?

  6. In the ninteenth Psalm, what adjectives describe God's law?

  7. In the ninteenth Psalm, what does the psalmist ask God to keep him from?

  8. What specific events in the crucifixion of Christ are foretold in the twenty-second Psalm?

  9. In the twenty-third Psalm, why does the psalmist say that he will not be afraid even when in danger of dying?

  10. In the twenty-fourth Psalm, what does the psalmist say belongs to God?

  11. In the twenty-fifth Psalm, on what basis does the psalmist ask God to pardon the guilt of his sin?

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