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Psalms 127-150

  1. What things are vain according to Psalm 127?

  2. According to Psalm 127, where do children come from?

  3. According to Psalm 130, how much does the psalmist's soul wait for the Lord?

  4. What does the psalmist of Psalm 133 say is good and pleasant?

  5. According to Psalm 138, what will God do with his purpose for an individual?

  6. According to Psalm 139, what is written in God's book while a child is still in the womb?

  7. What does the psalmist of Psalm 141 ask to be counted as incense and evening sacrifice?

  8. Who does the psalmist of Psalm 143 say is righteous before God?

  9. According to Psalm 144, what are a man's days like?

  10. According to Psalm 145, to whom is the Lord near?

  11. Who all does the psalmist of Psalm 148 ask to praise the Lord?

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