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Psalms 27-39

  1. In the twenty-seventh Psalm, what metaphors describe God?

  2. In the thirtieth Psalm, how long does the psalmist say that God's anger and favor last?

  3. What blessing does David pronounce upon the sinner in the thirty-second Psalm?

  4. In the thirty-second Psalm, what were David's experiences when he didn't confess his sin and when he did?

  5. In the thirty-third Psalm, what does God do with the counsel of the nations/Gentiles?

  6. In the thirty-fourth Psalm, what is God's attitude toward those with a broken heart and crushed spirit?

  7. What prophecy in the thirty-fourth Psalm is quoted by John about Jesus on the cross?

  8. In the thirty-fifth Psalm, what physical stance of prayer is seen?

  9. Who does the thirty-seventh Psalm say will inherit the land that is repeated by Jesus?

  10. How does the psalmist characterize the righteous and wicked as regards borrowing and lending?

  11. What had the psalmist of the thirty-seventh Psalm never seen in all his long life?

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