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Psalms 40-58

  1. According to the fortieth Psalm, what is the result of God putting a new song of praise in our mouth?

  2. What does the fortieth Psalm say that God does not desire nor require?

  3. Who does the forty-first Psalm say has lifted his heel against the psalmist?

  4. Whom does the forty-fifth Psalm say is anointed with the oil of gladness?

  5. According to the forty-sixth Psalm, who brings an end to war?

  6. What does Psalm forty-nine say the problem is with a person trying to ransom a human from death?

  7. What do both wise and foolish do with their wealth in the end?

  8. According to Psalm fifty, what animals does God own?

  9. According to Psalm fifty-one, how long had David been a sinner?

  10. What did David not want God to take away from him?

  11. According to Psalm fifty-eight, how long have the wicked been going astray and telling lies?

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