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Psalms 59-73

  1. According to Psalm sixty-one, if God is a Rock, how tall is He?

  2. In Psalm sixty-two, what does the psalmist advise one not to do when riches increase?

  3. What does the psalmist say in Psalm sixty-three is better than life?

  4. According to Psalm sixty-six, what will cause God not to listen to prayers?

  5. According to Psalm sixty-seven, what does God make shine upon us?

  6. What does the psalmist say in Psalm sixty-nine has consumed him?

  7. What does the psalmist say in Psalm sixty-nine that he was given to drink when he was thirsty?

  8. In the seventy-first Psalm, how long does the psalmist say that he will hope in God?

  9. What had the psalmist almost done in Psalm seventy-three?

  10. To whom would the psalmist have proven untrue if he had said what he was thinking about the wicked?

  11. When did the psalmist perceive the end of the wicked?

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