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Psalms 74-89

  1. According to the seventy-fifth Psalm, how does God execute judgment?

  2. What does the psalmist in Psalm seventy-eight say that he will tell to the coming generation?

  3. According to Psalm 79, what does the psalmist not want God to remember about our forefathers?

  4. According to Psalm 82, where does God hold judgment?

  5. What does God call the judges in the eighty-second Psalm that Jesus refers to when criticized?

  6. According to Psalm 84, what is a day in God's courts better than?

  7. According to Psalm 85, how much of His people's sin does God forgive?

  8. Why does the psalmist in Psalm 86 want God to teach him His way?

  9. How does the psalmist of Psalm 86 describe God?

  10. In a nutshell, what does the psalmist of Psalm 89 say belongs to God?

  11. According to Psalm 89, how do those who pass by and the neighbors treat God's anointed?

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