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Psalms 90-111

  1. According to Psalm 90, what is a thousand years to God like?

  2. According to Psalm 90, how long does a man live both on average and if he is strong?

  3. What phrase from Psalm 91 did the devil leave out when he quoted it to Jesus during His temptation in the wilderness?

  4. What did the psalmist in Psalm 101 decide not to place before his eyes?

  5. According to Psalm 102, for what reason was the Bible written down?

  6. According to Psalm 103, how does God not deal with us?

  7. According to Psalm 106, what was reckoned to Phinehas as righteousness?

  8. According to Psalm 106, to whom were people sacrificing their sons and daughters when they offered them to idols?

  9. According to Psalm 110, what did Yahweh say to David's Lord?

  10. According to Psalm 110, what kind of priest has David's Lord been made?

  11. According to Psalm 111, what is the beginning of wisdom?

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