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Reading for Proverbs 10-21

Please read all the verses, paying special attention
to the following verses: (famous verses in bold)

10:1--wise son16:16--wisdom and gold
10:26--sluggard16:24--pleasant words
10:27--long life16:25--way which seems right
11:1--balance and weights16:32--slow to anger
11:2--pride16:33--decision from God
11:13--talebearer17:1--dry morsel
11:14--counselors17:2--slave and son
11:15--surety17:3--Lord tries hearts
11:22--beautiful woman17:5--mocking the poor
12:4--good wife17:14--beginning of strife
12:9--humble worker17:15--justifying the wicked
12:16--insults17:21, 25--foolish son
12:22--lying17:22--cheerful heart
12:23--fools17:27-28--keeping silent
13:1--wise son18:2--expressing opinion
13:7--pretense at wealth18:8--whisperer
13:11--hasty wealth18:9--slack in work
13:12--hope deferred18:17--stating case first
13:24--sparing the rod18:22--a wife
14:1--woman's wisdom18:24--friends
14:5--faithful witness19:4, 6-7--money and friends
14:7--fool19:11--slow to anger
14:12--way that seems right19:13--foolish son
14:15-17--caution19:14--prudent wife
14:21--despising neighbor19:17--kindness to the poor
14:26--fear of the Lord19:18--discipline
14:29-30--temper and tranquility19:21--plans and purpose
14:31--oppressing the poor20:1--alcohol
14:34--nation20:10--weights and measures
15:1--soft answer20:11--a child's actions
15:5--fool20:14--the buyer
15:8-9--abomination to the Lord20:16--surety
15:13--broken spirit20:17--deceit
15:16--little with fear of Lord20:22--vengence
15:18--slow to anger20:23--weights and scales
15:20--wise son20:24--man's steps
15:29--prayer of righteous20:25--vows
15:32-33--instruction20:27--lamp of the Lord
16:1-4--plans & God's purpose21:1-2--God's will; man's way
16:8--little with righteousness21:3--sacrifice
16:9--man's plans21:9, 19--contentious woman
16:11--balance and scales21:31--victory

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