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Reading for Proverbs 22-31

Please read all the verses, paying special attention
to the following verses: (famous verses in bold)

22:1--good name26:12--wise in own eyes
22:6--training a child26:17--meddling
22:15--disciplining children26:20, 22--whisperer
22:26-27--surety26:27--digging a pit
23:7 (NIV fn)--thinking in heart27:2--another's praise
23:13-14--disciplining children27:5-6--rebuke of a friend
23:22--father and mother27:13--surety
23:23--buy wisdom27:14--blessing in the morning
23:29-35--red wine27:15-16--contentious woman
24:13--eat honey27:17--sharpening a man
24:17-18--enemy falls28:6--poor good man
24:27--work outside first28:7--wise son
24:28--false witness28:8--interest
24:29--revenge28:9--abominable prayer
24:33-34--a little sleep28:13--confessing sins
25:6-7--putting self forward28:26--trusting own mind
25:8-9--neighbor problems28:27--giving to the poor
25:11--word fitly spoken29:15, 17--disciplining children
25:16--limit honey29:20--quick words
25:17--visiting30:6--adding to God's words
25:21-22--coals of fire30:7-9--not poverty nor riches
25:24--contentious woman30:15-31--three and four
25:27--honey words31:10-31--worthy woman
26:4-5--answering a fool   esp. 30--beauty is vain
26:11--dog to vomit   an acrostic poem

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