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Song of Solomon 1-8

1.  What does the beloved say that her lover's love is better than? (chap. 1)

2.  What color is the beloved's skin? (chap. 1)

3.  What two song titles about Jesus are taken from the beginning of chapter 2?

4.  What banner has the lover put over the beloved? (chap. 2)

5.  When did the beloved ask the daughters of Jerusalem not to stir up or awaken love until? (chap.

6-7.  How does the lover describe his beloved? (chaps. 4, 7)

8.  What had made the beloved sick or faint that she wanted the daughters of Jerusalem to tell her lover about? (chap. 5)

9-10.  How does the beloved describe her lover? (chap. 5)

11.  What are the two metaphors that could be used to describe a young girl and which does the beloved say she was? (chap. 8)

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