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II Corinthians 10

  1. How did the Corinthians see Paul as being when he was face to face with them? When he was away from them?

  2. How does Paul say that he does not wage war? What kind of weapons does he not use?

  3. What do Paul and his weapons destroy or demolish? (three answers) What does he take captive?

  4. What did the Lord give Paul authority for?

  5. What does Paul not want to frighten the Corinthians with?

  6. What were Paul's critics saying about his letters, his bodily presence, and his speaking ability?

  7. With whom were Paul's critics comparing themselves? What does Paul say they are when they do this?

  8. What were Paul and his companions the first to do as regards the Corinthians?

  9. Whose work does Paul not boast in? What should one boast in?

  10. Where does Paul want to preach the gospel?

  11. Who is accepted or approved?

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