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II Corinthians 12-13

  1. Into what two places does Paul say that the man he knew was caught up?

  2. What was given Paul to keep him from becoming too elated or conceited about the abundance of revelations he had received?

  3. How many times did he ask God to take away the above? What was God's answer?

  4. To whom does Paul say he is not inferior?

  5. Who should lay up or save up for whom?

  6. What sins is Paul afraid that he will find that they have not repented of when he comes again?

  7. When Paul comes again, which visit to Corinth will this be?

  8. What does Paul want the Corinthians to examine themselves to see?

  9. For what purpose did God give Paul authority?

  10. With what does Paul tell the Corinthians to greet one another?

  11. What three things does Paul pray may be with the Corinthians at the end of the book?

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