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II Corinthians 3

  1. What did Paul ask the Corinthians if he needed to or from them?

  2. On what was the Corinthian church as a letter written? With what was it written?

  3. From where did Paul's competence come? What was he competent to be?

  4. What does the written code or letter do? By way of contrast, what does the Spirit do?

  5. Why could the Israelites not look at Moses' face?

  6. What did the ministry of condemnation have a little of and the ministry of righteousness have much more of?

  7. What did Moses put over his face? Why?

  8. When the Israelites read the old covenant, what lies over their minds and hearts? When is it removed?

  9. Where is freedom found?

  10. Into what are we being transformed or changed?

  11. What two divine terms does Paul equate in chapter 3?

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