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II Corinthians 6

  1. In what way does Paul not want the Corinthians to accept or receive God's grace?

  2. At what time does God listen? On what day does He help?

  3. When does the above time and day happen?

  4. What did Paul and Timothy not put in any one's way? Why?

  5. What did they do in every way as servants of God?

  6. What seven things were the apostles treated or regarded as being?

  7. What was open to the Corinthians? What did Paul want them to open to him?

  8. With what did Paul not want them to be yoked/mismated?

  9. What five contrasts does Paul draw between good and evil?

  10. What kind of temple are Christians?

  11. What two things will God be to Christians? What two things will they be to God?

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