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II Corinthians 7

  1. From what should Christians cleanse or purify themselves?

  2. What did Paul want the Corinthians to open up to him so as to make room?

  3. What did Paul experience on the inside and the outside?

  4. By what event did God comfort Paul?

  5. What three things did Titus tell Paul about that gave him joy?

  6. What did Paul regret sending the Corinthians for a little while? What was its effect?

  7. What does godly grief or sorrow produce? To what does that lead?

  8. What does worldly grief produce?

  9. What had the Corinthians proven themselves to be at every point?

  10. Who besides Paul had been made happy by the Corinthians?

  11. What kind of speech had Paul spoken before Titus that had proven to be true?

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