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II Corinthians 8

  1. What two things welled up and overflowed into generosity and liberality on the part of the churches of Macedonia?

  2. How much did the churches of Macedonia give? What did they give first?

  3. Which of Paul's companions did he urge to help bring this work of grace to a completion among the Corinthians?

  4. What was Paul trying to prove or test by writing this?

  5. What did the Lord Jesus Christ become for our sakes? Why?

  6. What amount makes a gift acceptable if the readiness or willingness to give is present?

  7. What did Paul not want to happen to the Corinthians as a result of this contribution?

  8. What would the Corinthians plenty abundance supply at that present time?

  9. What was the brother who was sent with Titus noted for? Who chose him to travel with Paul?

  10. What was Paul's aim (so that he took pains) to do?

  11. What does Paul call the brothers who accompanied Titus?

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