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II Corinthians 9

  1. What subject did Paul say that he didn't need to write about but he spends two chapters discussing?

  2. To whom had Paul boasted about the Corinthians?

  3. How long did he say that those in Achaia had been ready to give?

  4. What did Paul want the gift that they had promised to be ready as? What did he not want it to be?

  5. What are two ways of sowing and reaping?

  6. What are two ways that a person should not give?

  7. What kind of giver does God love?

  8. God gives Christians every grace or blessing in abundance so that they may have what for themselves and do what for others?

  9. For what reason will Christians be made rich in every way? What result will this produce?

  10. What does doing the service of giving both supply and overflow in?

  11. What does Paul thank God for?

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