A Discourse Analysis of First CorinthiansRalph Bruce Terry
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Reading the Greek Font
using Unicode

Reading the Greek Font on Netscape 6 and up and on Mozilla

The Greek font (with the diacritical marks) used in the unicode version of this dissertation is readable in Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Netscape 4.5 and up, and Opera.

Internet Explorer does not seem to correctly display all of the accent marks. Only the acute and grave seem to work. On Netscape and Mozilla:

Opera 6 seems to work fine viewing the Unicode version without any changes. It does not however support the Symbol font version. Netscape 3 does not support Unicode but does support the Symbol font.

The following diacritical marks may be used (as illustrated here on an alpha):

acute ά   grave ὰ   circumflex α̑   smooth ἀ   rough ἁ   iota subscript α̨   diaeresis α̈

If you can see either of the following words in Greek font, you have the choice of viewing the Greek in the Symbol font version without the diacritical marks.

Teknia   |   Symbol

For more of the technical information on the problems of viewing unicode fonts in various browsers, see http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Help/fonthelp.html#unicode and http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/browsers.html.

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