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The Macrostructures of the Discourses
in 1 Corinthians

Discourse 1 (1:10-4:17):

I appeal to you to avoid division and strife due to following men (Paul, Apollos, and Cephas), for such boasting is due to the wisdom of men, but in God's wisdom they are servants of Christ.

Discourse 2 (4:18-6:20):

Flee fornication and lawsuits with one another, and deliver an incestuous fornicator to Satan.

Discourse 3 (7:1-40):

Let everyone remain in the marital status in which he was when called, but it is not a sin to get married if an unmarried person cannot control his passions.

Discourse 4 (8:1-11:1):

Do not eat meat offered to idols in an idol's temple, for this is not a right but idolatry and can lead a weak brother into sin; but eat meat bought at the meat market or at a friend's dinner without asking any questions.

Discourse 5 (11:2-16):

A man ought not cover his head when he prays or prophesies, but a woman should.

Discourse 6 (11:17-34):

When you meet to eat the Lord's Supper, wait for one another and remember the body and blood of the Lord.

Discourse 7 (12:1-14:40):

Seek spiritual gifts, especially prophecy, which builds up the church, but above all, show love.

Discourse 8 (15:1-58):

Just as Christ was raised from the dead, so you should believe that Christians will be raised at His coming with a spiritual body.

Discourse 9 (16:1-11):

Every Sunday let each of you put something aside and store it up for the contribution for the saints at Jerusalem. I will come after Pentecost, and Timothy will come now.

Discourse 10 (16:12):

Apollos will not come now.

Conclusion (16:13-18):

Be subject to and acknowledge those workers who have devoted themselves to the service of the saints.

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