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Scripture Interpretation

Week Handouts, Reading Study Sheets, Exegesis Instructions
1 Syllabus
2 Scripture Search On Understanding The Bible
3 Introduction: Virkler, Chapter 1, Part 1
Inerrancy: Virkler, Chapter 1, Part 2

Authority of God's Word
4 History of Interpretation: Virkler
The Four Idols by Francis Bacon On-line (pdf)
The Four Idols Study Sheet
The Four Idols Summary
5 History of the Printed Greek Text
Grammatical-Historical Exegesis of the Bible
How We Got the Bible
Biblical Languages
Silva Chapter 4
Danker Chapters 2 and 3
6 How to Read a Passage for an Exegesis
English Translations of the Bible Ranked
7 How to Discover Problems in Passages
Greek Manuscripts
Order of Evidence Listing in Greek New Testaments
The Causes of Errors in Copying Manuscripts
Criteria for Evaluating Variant Readings
8 Powerpoint: Examples of Textual Criticism (.5Mb)
Example of Old Testament Textual Criticism
How to Start A Text Critical Study of A Passage
Danker Chapter 1
9 Powerpoint: Concordances—Tools for Word Study (2.5Mb)
How to Do a Word Study
Powerpoint: Dictionaries and Lexicons—Tools for Word Study (8Mb)
Hierarchy of the Influence of Context on Word Study
10 Longacre's Hierarchy of Grammatical Levels
How to Do a Grammatical Study
Powerpoint: How Not to Do an Exegesis (.5Mb)
11 The Macrostructures of the Discourses in I Corinthians
Salience Levels For Hortatory Texttype In I Corinthians
Discourse Structure of 1 Corinthians
Types of Paragraphs Based on Role
12 Microsegmentation of the “Hortatory Climax” of James
How to Study Discourse and Context
13 How to Do a Historical, Cultural, and Theological Study
Disciplines of Historical-Critical Exegesis
Scripture Search on the Use of the Old Testament
14 Similes, Metaphors, Proverbs, Parables, & Allegories: Virkler pp. 157-181
Types, Prophecy, Apocalyptic: Virkler pp. 183-209

Apocalyptic Literature
Writing Up an Exegesis
15 Conflicting Scriptural Principles
Questionable Forms
Commands, Examples, and Inferences

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