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POINT: Main Discourse (2:1-4:10)


     POINT n:Discourse I (3:13-4:10)
          THESIS:Antithetical ¶ (3:13-18) (wisdom)
               INTRO:Rhetorical ¶
                    QUESTION:13a Who is wise and understanding
                              among you?
                    THESIS:13b By his good life let him show his
                              works in the meekness of wisdom.
               ANTITHESIS:Amplification ¶
                    THESIS:14 But if you have bitter jealousy and
                              selfish ambition in your hearts, do
                              no boast and be false to the truth.
                    AMPLIFICATION: Reason ¶
                         THESIS:15 This wisdom is not such as
                                   comes down from above, but is
                                   earthly, unspiritual,
                         REASON:16 For where jealousy and selfish
                                   ambition exist, there will be
                                   disorder and every vile
               THESIS:Comment ¶
                    THESIS:17 But the wisdom from above is first
                              pure, then peaceable, gentle, open
                              to reason, full of mercy and good
                              fruits, without uncertainty or
                    COMMENT:18 And the harvest of righteousness
                              is sown in peace by those who make
          ANTITHESIS:Persuation ¶ (4:1-10) (wars--enemies--rep.)
               INTRO:Rhetorical ¶ (4:1-3) (wars)
                    QUESTION:1a What causes wars, and what causes
                              fightings among you?
                    THESIS:Amplification ¶
                         THESIS:1b Is it not your passions that
                                   are at war in your members?
                         AMPLIFICATION:Sequence ¶
                              THESIS1:2a You desire and do not
                                        have; so you kill.
                              THESIS2:2b And you covet and cannot
                                        obtain; so you fight and
                                        wage war.
                              THESIS3:2c You do not have because
                                        you do not ask.
                              THESISn:3 You ask and do not
                                        receive, because you ask
                                        wrongly, to spend it on
                                        your passions.
               MOTIVATION:Coordination ¶ (4:4-6) (enemies of God)
                    THESIS1:Amplification ¶
                         THESIS:4a Unfaithful creatures!  Do you
                                   not know that friendship with
                                   the world is enmity with God?
                         AMPLIFICATION:4b Therefore whoever
                                   wishes to be a friend of the
                                   world makes himself an enemy
                                   of God.
                    THESIS2:Anththetical ¶
                         ANTITHESIS:5 Or do you suppose that it
                                   is in vain that the scripture
                                   says, "He yearns jealously
                                   over the spirit which he has
                                   made to dwell in us"?
                         THESIS:Amplification ¶
                              THESIS:6a But he gives more grace;
                              AMPLIFICATION:6b therefore it says,
                                        "God opposes the proud,
                                        but gives grace to the
               THESIS:Sequence ¶ (4:7-10) (call to repentance)
                    THESIS1:Antithetical ¶
                         THESIS:7a Submit yourselves therefore to
                         ANTITHESIS:7b Resist the devil and he
                                   will flee from you.
                    THESIS2:8a Draw near to God and he will draw
                              near to you.
                    THESIS3:8b Cleanse your hands, you sinners,
                              and purify your hearts, you men of
                              double mind.
                    THESIS4:Coordinate ¶
                         THESIS1:9a Be wretched and mourn and
                         THESIS2:9b Let your laughter be turned
                                   to mourning and your joy to
                    THESISn:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord
                              and he will exalt you.

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