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Order of Evidence Listing in Greek New Testaments

Papyri (e.g. p66)

Uncials (Hebrew Aleph, capital Roman letters, capital Greek letters, numbers that start with 0) (e.g. A, B, 048)

Minuscule Families (e.g. ƒ1, ƒ13)

Minuscules (numbers: e.g. 33, 88, 1739; M or Byz=majority of MSS)

Lectionaries (e.g. l1602; Lect=majority of lectionaries)


Latin (small Roman letters; e.g. a, k, gig; latt=all Latin) Syriac (sy or syr; syp or syrp=Peshitta)
Coptic (co or cop; bo or copbo=northern Coptic; sa or copsa=southern Coptic)
Church Fathers (abbreviations: e.g. Ir=Irenaeus; Tert=Tertullian)

Other common abbreviations as superscripts on MSS:

   *          reading of original copyist
   c          correction by later copyist
   1, 2, or 3 correction by later copyists
   v.l.       variant reading in margin
   mg         other reading in margin
   s or supp  reading on added or replacement page
   vid        apparent reading (not clearly legible)

Signs in Nestle-Aland Text

Single Word
Multiple Words
Word Order Variation (two words)

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