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On-line Bible Maps

Outline Maps

Roman Empire — Paul's Missionary Journeys — Portrait

Roman Empire — Paul's Missionary Journeys — Landscape


Ancient Near East — Empires

Ancient Near East — Abraham's Wanderings

Egypt and Sinai — Exodus Route

Solomon's Empire

Complete Maps

Palestine in the Time of Christ

Links to Maps

New Testament Maps and Artifacts

MuGeum - The Hellenic World

Bible Geocoding: On-line Bible Atlas tied to Google Maps/Earth

Scroll and Screen

Bible Atlas.org: Bible Maps for every OT and NT location

Bruce Terry's visit to Israel

Interactive Ancient World Maps: chose Roman Empire in the upper right hand corner of the map

Ancient City Maps and Information


Cities of the Journeys of Paul

Seven Cities of Revelation

Google Map of the Ruins of the Seven Cities of Revelation

Tour of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

In Hebrew

In English

Bruce Terry's Home Page
Bruce Terry's Home Page
http://www.bterry.com/maps/ hosted at http://bible.ovu.edu/terry/maps/
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