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Bible Study Links

Bible Study Links | Bible Translation Links | Citation Style Guide Links | Time and Temperature Links

Bibles and Search Tools:
* English and Foreign Bibles On-line
* English Versions of the Bible
* Articles on English Versions
* Bible Translation Links

Bible Links:
* 'Bible 101' Web Site
* New Testament Gateway
* Old Testament Gateway
* NT Scholars on the Web
* Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity

Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Syriac:
* SBL Resources for Biblical Studies
* Biblical Greek Mailing List: New Testament and Septuagint Greek
* Biblical Greek: Learning New Testament and Septuagint Greek
* Old and New Testaments in Greek (in pdf format)
* Old and New Testaments in Greek (from Greece)
* Greek & Hebrew Reader's Bible (Tischendorf Greek New Testament)
* German Bible Society's Greek New Testament (NA27)
* German Bible Society's Greek Old Testament (LXX)
* German Bible Society's Hebrew Old Testament (BHS)
* German Bible Society's Latin Vulgate
* Syriac Bible Site
* New Testament in Greek (parsed)
* New Testament in Greek (with textual variants)
* Clause Analysis of the New Testament in Greek
* Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
* Codex Sinaiticus Web Site
* James Tauber's New Testament Greek
* Perseus Project Homepage: Text Version
* LSJM Greek Lexicon (1940)
* LSJM Greek Lexicon at TLG web site
* Dave Washburn's Links to Biblical Languages Page
* Micheal W. Palmer's Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway
* Rob Plummer's Greek Resources
* Rob Plummer's Learn Biblical Greek keyed to D. A. Black's Learn to Read New Testament Greek
* Online Greek Grammar Learning Tools and Study Aids
* Greek Introductory Courses and Course Materials
* Burton's Moods and Tenses of New Testament Greek
* Concordance: New Testament Greek
* William Ross's Septuagint Pages
* Roger D. Woodard's The Ancient Languages Of Syria Palestine And Arabia
* The Aleppo Codex Online homepage
* Biblical Discourse Analysis
* B-Greek: The Biblical Greek Forum

Research Resources:
* Google Books: A guide to biblical research
* New Testament lexicons and concordances in Greek

Textual Criticism:
* Textual Criticism Links
* Textual Criticism on the Web
* Textual Criticism Links
* A Student's Guide to New Testament Textual Criticism
* Google Books: Aland's The text of the New Testament

* History of the Calendar
* The Julian Calendar
* The Modern Jewish Calendar
* Ancient Calendars (including Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian)
* The Roman Calendar

* Size of a Cubit

Bible Software:
* Silver Mountain Software: Biblio (formerly Bible Windows)
* Bible WorksUser Created Modules
* Gramcord
* Logos Bible Study Software
* Olive Tree Software for Bible Study
* BibleSoft Bible Software
* Bible Pro for Windows Bible Software
* On-line Bible Software
* E-Sword Bible Software
* Xiphos Bible Software (formerly Gnomesword)
* MorphGNT files
* Bill Mounce's Teknia Site -- Greek Software and Fonts
* Kalos Greek Verb Conjugator and Classical Greek Dictionary (English, Spanish, French) for Windows
* SBL Greek New Testament
* The Apostolic Bible Polyglot - Interlinear Greek Septuagint (LXX) & Greek New Testament
* Institute of Biblical Greek software links

Bruce Terry's Resources:
* Bible 106 -- Life and Teachings of Jesus
* Study Sheets on the Holy Spirit
* Biblical Articles by Bruce Terry
* A Christian's Use of Finances

Christian Evidences:
* F.F. Bruce's The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
* Centuries of Darkness

Jewish and Christian Writers:
* Christian Classics Electronic Library
* Pseudopigraphical Gospels
* The Wesley Center Online: Noncanonical Literature
* The Wesley Center Online: Noncanonical Literature - OT Apocrypha
* Babylonian Talmud Online in English

Pagan and Gnostic Writers:
* Manetho on-line
* The Gospel of Thomas's 114 Sayings of Jesus

Restoration Movement:
* Links to Restoration Movement Studies

Bible Maps:
*Bible Atlas.org: Bible Maps for every OT and NT Location
*Online Bible Atlas
*Digital Resources for Biblical Mapping
*Bible Atlas Online by Access Foundation (excellent maps, but copyrighted; for fair use only; available at archive here; removed from Access Foundation's site)
*Bruce Terry's Maps and Links

Biblical Language Fonts:
*Free TekniaGreek and TekniaHebrew Fonts
*SBL Greek and Hebrew Unicode Fonts (require unicode keyboards)
*Legacy SP Fonts for Greek, Hebrew/Aramaic, Syriac, Coptic and Apparatus
*SIL Greek, Hebrew and Apparatus Fonts (both old style and unicode; also keyboards)
*BST Greek and Hebrew Fonts
*BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew Fonts
*Silver Mountain Greek and Hebrew Fonts (shareware)
*Rodney Decker's Biblical Language Fonts, Unicode, etc. (including Galilee Greek font)
*David Perry's Cardo Font
*Unicode Greek Fonts
*A nice-looking, free Greek font...?

Greek keyboard:
The Clear Greek Unicode Keyboard (Zip file) and Instructions

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