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Study Guide: Inerrancy
Virkler: Pages 31-46

  1. List ten Old Testament characters that Jesus referred to in his ministry:


  2. What three Old Testament stories did Jesus refer to that modern critics often find unacceptable?


  3. What was Jesus' attitude toward scripture?


  4. What three liberal scholars does Kantzer refer to who asserted that Jesus believed the scriptures were infallible?


  5. How does one answer the objection that Jesus understood the Old Testament stories to be nonhistorical events used only for illustrations?


  6. How does one answer the objection that when Jesus emptied Himself, He lost the knowledge of the truth and was misled Himself about the validity of the Old Testament stories?


  7. How does one answer the objection that inerrant scriptures have been spoiled by unfaithful copyists and translators?

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