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Study Guide: Similes, Metaphors, Proverbs, Parables, & Allegories
Virkler: Chapter 6: Pages 157-181

  1. What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?

  2. Which of the above two is a parable more like? Which of the above two is a allegory more like?

  3. What is the general focus of the Book of Proverbs? What are seven specific foci of that book?

  4. How many points do proverbs try to get across?

  5. What are the two basic purposes of parables?

  6. What kinds of interpretations of parables are not likely to be stating Jesus' intended purposes?

  7. Does Virkler think that the kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven refer to the same or different things?

  8. What are the three senses of the kingdom as regards time?

  9. What mistake did Socinus make as regards parables and doctrine?

  10. To what extent does Virkler think that the details of parables have significance?

  11. What are the two main differences between parables and allegories?

  12. What famous allegory did Paul use? Where is it found?

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