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History of the Printed Greek Text
(Metzger, pp. 98-104, 126-127, 129-135, 169-173, 144-146, 208)

  1. Who edited the first printed Greek Testament to be published? When?

  2. How many Greek manuscripts was his edition based on?

  3. What verses in Revelation and Acts did he translate from the Latin?

  4. Why did he add the Comma Johanneum to his third edition? How many Greek manuscripts contain the Comma Johanneum?

  5. Who put the verse divisions in the Greek New Testament?

  6. What textual critic of the nineteenth century discovered more manuscripts than any other?

  7. What was the most famous manuscript that he found?

  8. Which edition of his Greek New Testament is the most important?

  9. What British scholars produced a noteworthy critical Greek New Testament in 1881?

  10. Into what four textual families did they divide the Greek manuscripts?

  11. Into what five textual families did Streeter divide the manuscript evidence?

  12. Who first edited the most widely used pocket edition of the Greek New Testament?

  13. What three editions did he depend upon, printing the text where two out of three agreed?

  14. When was the UBS Greek New Testament first published?

  15. What six editors worked on the UBS Greek New Testament?

  16. What edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament has the same text as the 3rd edition of the UBS Greek New Testament?

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