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Danker Chapters 2 and 3

  1. On what three Greek texts were the 3rd-25th editions of Nestle based?

  2. With what Greek text is the 26th edition of Nestle identical?

  3. In what book, chapter, and verse does the Freer manuscript in Washington (W) add a long section?

  4. What name did the copyist of P75 give to the rich man in Luke 16:19?

  5. What is found in the outer margins of the Nestle Greek text?

  6. To what do the small italicized numbers in the inner margin of the Nestle Greek text refer?

  7. To what do the Arabic numbers above the Roman numerals in the inner margin of the gospels in the Nestle Greek text refer?

  8. List five other editors of Greek texts besides Nestle:

  9. To what do the abbreviations BHS and BHK (know previously simply as BH) refer?

  10. On what Hebrew manuscript is the text of BHS based?

  11. Who were the Masoretes?

  12. For what is MT an abbreviation?

  13. What are the Masorah?

  14. What are the Kethibh and the Qere?

  15. Who divided the Old Testament into chapters? When? Based on what language of the Bible?

  16. Who made the current division of the Old Testament into verses? When?

  17. Why do the Psalms have one or two more verses in Hebrew than in English?

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