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Conflicting Scriptural Principles

Church Attendance:

Do not forsake the assembly      Help those who are in need

Conflict Area: When people need help at the time of the assembly

Eating Meat offered to Idols:

Do not worship idols             All foods are clean; eat any of
                                 them with thanksgiving

Conflict Area: When food offered to idols is eaten


Do not kill                      The man who murders should be   
                                 put to death

Conflict Area: When the state must execute a murderer


Do not kill                      A mother's life is more valuable
                                 than a child's

Conflict Area: When a mother's life is in danger from a pregnancy


Do not divorce and remarry       Stay in the state you were when
                                 you were called

Conflict Area: When someone who has been divorced and remarried
is converted

For each conflict situation, one principle must take precedence
over the other.

Note that one must reason from the underlying principles, not
from similar situations.  Example: Two couples live together for
a year and separate.  One couple is married; the other is not.
The situations are similar.  The principles that apply are
different.  They are not in conflict.  The marriage covenant
makes the difference as to which principle applies.

Do not commit fornication        Do not divorce and remarry

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