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Church Growth and Planting

Understanding Church Growth

Study Guide: Complexity of Church Growth (chap. 1)
Study Guide: God's Will for Harvest (chap. 2)
Study Guide: Task, Opportunity, and Imperative (chap. 3)
Study Guide: The Cultural Mosaic of Hidden Peoples (chap. 4)
Study Guide: Missionary Fog (chap. 5)
Study Guide: The Needed Facts (chap. 6)
Reading: A Church Growth Study of the Zuni Indians (chap. 3, sec. 2)
Reading: A Church Growth Study of the Zuni Indians (chap. 4, sec. 1)
Study Guide: Zuni Church Growth
Study Guide: Discovering Causes of Growth (chap. 7)
Study Guide: Sources to Search for Causes of Growth (chap. 8)
Study Guide: Helps and Hindrances (chap. 9)
Study Guide: Revival and Prayer for the Sick (chaps. 10-11)
Study Guide: Social Structure and Church Growth (chap. 12)
Study Guide: Without Crossing Barriers (chap. 13)
Study Guide: Receptivity of Individuals and Societies (chap. 14)
Study Guide: Masses and Classes (chap. 15)
Study Guide: Redemption and Lift (chap. 16)
Study Guide: People Movements (chap. 17)
Study Guide: Kinds of People Movements (chap. 18)
Study Guide: Streaming Across the Bridges of God (chap. 19)
Study Guide: Setting Goals for Growth (chap. 20)
Study Guide: Make Hard, Bold Plans (chap. 21)

Surprising Insights from the Unchurched

Study Guide: Studying the Formerly Unchurched (Introduction)
Study Guide: Shattering Myths about the Unchuched (chap. 1)
Study Guide: Pastors and Preaching Are Critical (chap. 2)
Study Guide: Relationships That Click (chap. 3)
Study Guide: Impressed by First Impressions (chap. 4)
Study Guide: Why They Returned and Stayed (chap. 5)
Study Guide: Doctrine Really Matters (chap. 6)

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