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Picture of Bruce Terry

Welcome to the Home Page of
Bruce Terry
Professor of Bible and Humanities, Retired
Former Chair, School of Biblical Studies
Ohio Valley University


  • Education
    • Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, 1993
    • M.Div., Abilene Christian University, 1988
    • M.A. (Bible), Abilene Christian University, 1987
    • M.A. (missions), Abilene Christian College, 1971


OVU Courses: Textbooks for Spring 2020
                       Textbooks for Previous Semesters

BIB 106Life of ChristSyllabusHandouts Class Notes
BIB 107Acts-RevelationSyllabusHandouts
BIB 160Introduction to Biblical LanguagesSyllabusGreek Handouts Hebrew Handouts
BIB 162New Testament Greek IISyllabusHandouts
BIB 205Bible SurveySyllabusHandouts
BIB 205Old Testament SurveySyllabusHandouts
BIB 265Greek Readings ISyllabusHandouts
BIB 266Greek Readings IISyllabusHandouts
BIB 304Pastoral EpistlesSyllabusHandouts
BIB 305Galatians and RomansSyllabusHandouts Handouts
BIB 306ActsSyllabusHandouts
BIB 307HebrewsSyllabusHandouts
BIB 3081 CorinthiansSyllabusHandouts
BIB 310Synoptic GospelsSyllabusHandouts
BIB 313PentateuchSyllabusHandouts
BIB 315Joshua-EstherSyllabusHandouts
BIB 322Introduction to MissionsSyllabusHandouts / Independent Study Syllabus
BIB 346Doctrinal IssuesSyllabusHandouts
BIB 347Scripture InterpretationSyllabusHandouts
BIB 348New Testament ChurchSyllabusHandouts
BIB 373Contemporary Church IssuesSyllabusHandouts
BIB 401Old Testament Wisdom LiteratureSyllabusHandouts
BIB 403Major ProphetsSyllabusHandouts
BIB 407Daniel & RevelationSyllabusMain Index Handouts Handouts
BIB 4081-2 CorinthiansSyllabusHandouts Handouts
BIB 422Church Growth and PlantingSyllabusHandouts
BIB 451Senior SeminarSyllabusHandouts
BIB 494Special Topics: 2 CorinthiansSyllabusHandouts
CSC 240Computer Applications for MinistrySyllabusWeb Pages
ENG 131English Composition ISyllabusHandouts
ENG 133English Proficiency ExaminationSyllabusHandouts
SOC 341Cultural AnthropologySyllabusHandouts

ACU Courses:

BIB 101Life of ChristSyllabusHandouts
BIB 102Acts to RevelationSyllabusHandouts
BIB 101Introduction to LinguisticsSyllabusHandouts

Doctrinal Studies:


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