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The Story of the Bible

Old Testament: The Patriarical Age

How God made the World
How People First Sinned
The First Children in the World
How God Destroyed the World
Where the Different Languages Came From
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
How God Called Abram to Canaan
How Abram Rescued His Nephew
Abram's First Son and Name Change
How Lot was Saved from Sodom
The Birth of Sarah's Son
Abraham Sacrifices Isaac
A Wife for Isaac
The Sons of Isaac
How Jacob Married Two Wives
The Beginning of the Israelites
How Joseph Became a Slave
How Joseph Became Governor of Egypt
How Joseph's Dream Came True
How the Israelite People went to Egypt
How Baby Moses got His Name
How Moses Left Egypt
How God Called Moses
How Moses Appeared Before Pharaoh
How God Punished the Egyptians
How the Israelites Left Egypt
How Pharaoh's Army was Destroyed
How God Took Care of the Israelites

Old Testament: The Mosaic Age

How God Gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments
How the Israelites Worshiped a Calf of Gold
Where the Israelites Worshiped God
Why the Israelites Wandered in the Desert
How God Showed that Aaron's Family were Priests
Some Things that Happened to the Israelites in the Desert
How a Man's Donkey Talked to Him
How Moses Made Joshua the Leader of the Israelites
How the Walls of Jericho Fell Down
How the Israelites Won the Land of Canaan
The Woman Who Led the Israelites
How a Small Army Won a Battle with God's Help
How an Israelite Man Sacrificed His Daughter
How a Strong Man Judged the Israelites
How a Moabite Woman Found God
How God Spoke to a Young Boy
How the Ark of the Covenant Was Stolen
How the Israelite's First King was Chosen
How Saul Lost the Kingship
How David Became Known to the People
How David Became King
How King David Sinned
How David's Sons Caused Trouble
How Solomon Becomes King
How the Israelites Became Two Kingdoms
How Fire Came down from Heaven
How Elisha Became a Prophet
How a Leper was Healed by Elisha
How a Great Fish Swallowed Jonah
How the Israelites Went to Captivity
How Daniel Explained the King's Dream
How the Jews Returned to Their Land

New Testament: The Christian Age
The Story of Jesus

The Son of God becomes a Man
God's Only Begotten Son
God's Answer to our Problem
Wise men Worship Jesus
The Baptism of Jesus
The Temptation of Jesus
The Son who left and returned home
The Better Way of Jesus
More about the Better Way of Jesus
The Great Healer
The Disciples and Apostles of Jesus
The Parable of the Planter
Who Was Jesus?
The Transfiguration
The Good Samaritan
The Rich Man and Lazarus
The Rich Young Ruler
Meal at Bethany
The King enters Jerusalem
Questions for Jesus
Jesus tells about the future
The Beginning of the Lord's Supper
The Arrest of Jesus
The Trial of Jesus
The Death of Jesus
The Burial of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Appearances of Jesus

New Testament: The Christian Age
The Story of the Church

The Coming of the Holy Spirit
Still under Construction

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